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I’m sad so I’m gonna look pretty today. That’s my theory anyways. 👸💋

I’m sad so I’m gonna look pretty today. That’s my theory anyways. 👸💋


Our new music video #HoldOnToMe will premiere on April 28th on @VEVO!


Oh Well, Oh Well by Mayday Parade










Okay I’m going to be honest with you guys, this my fiancee, Nicole. Me and Nicole run this blog together. She is pregnant with my little boy/girl. I think she looks absolutely stunning in this picture. But despite her trying her best to accept compliments and pretend she believes it the truth is she really doesn’t. She tried to commit suicide about a month ago and she has done such a great job recovering and I am so proud of her. She gets visibly upset when people post selfies that get thousands of notes while her pictures usually get no more than a couple of notes, she’s told me about it herself, she wishes she could be one of them. She is gone now, out for the whole day with her dad. It would mean the entire world to me if maybe some of you could reblog this to give her the admiration that she deserves, look at her, she is beautiful, reblogging her picture won’t ruin your blog I promise. But it will mean the whole world to her. I don’t have a certain goal in mind, or a specific number that would mean everything to her, to be honest I really don’t think this will work. But if it does, thank you, please help me do this for her, she deserves it.

her eyes are absolutely perfect

She is gorgeous

Can we at least get this to 250,000?

If only…I don’t think that’s even possible tbh, but if anyone deserves it, it sure is my girl.


Love dem freckles

You and Nicole are definitely the most beautiful couple on this whole website, I’m so glad I found you guys and followed your new blog I hope everything is okay with the baby.


Yes, we did! You can see pictures of her on our blog: http://sunroofs.tumblr.com/

Why can’t you just do what I asked of you? Was it so hard? Did I ask too much? When you ask me to do stuff I abide, but when I ask you to do stuff you “forget”. I’m just over all this heartache, all the “I’m sorry” over and over again. I refuse to do this. You have no clue how much you’ve hurt me over the years. Time after time, heartbreak after heartbreak and I stayed because I loved you so much. A girl can only take so much and then she’s done. You’ll never know all the pain you put me through, all the tears I’ve cried for you. Which is a shame because you’ll never know how much I truly loved you.



If I say don’t talk to her, that means DONT TALK TO HER!

I just Sparta kicked my dog because she tried to run out the door #sorrynotsorry

She said boy you better say you’re sorry. Don’t think forgiveness will come easy, cause it’s all that I have to give.

– Mayday Parade

I hate shady people. Don’t waste my time.

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